06 APRIL 2011

[ for you hunny ]

next topic: SORRY!

someone nyh say sorry kat aku..
then i told kat dy lahh kan..bukan salah dye..salah aku jugakk..
tp dy keeps say sorry and i can see deep in this guy eyes..he meant it!
tp kan bukan salah dy sorg lahh..IDK lahh nak ckap ngn dy macam manea..
babe..if i can tell you..u are forgiven lahh..

[ sorry? ]

YES!! yes..yes..you are forgiven!!
please don't get wrong..kamo ta salah pape pun lahh..
tapi ape yang aku nak share..the way this guy asking an apologize from me..
laki nyh sometime is too ego and doesn't pk pasaan pompan law buad salah..
EGO uhh memang susah nak kalah kan lagi2 ego laki..
to all women there..ngalah jelahh nan kaom ADAM nyh cuz
one day he will realise yang dye sna nye tgah sakit kan kite..
and on that moment..
he will come to us and you can see how the sincere in their eyes:))